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Call For Papers: The Indo-Chinese Refugee Movement and the Launch of Canada’s Private Sponsorship Program

The fall 2015 issue of Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees will examine the movement of Indo-Chinese refugees to Canada and the beginnings of the Private Refugee Sponsorship Program. The guest editors – CIHS President Michael Molloy and York University Professor James Simeon, are now accepting proposals for articles to appear in the magazine. Complete details are on the York University website.

Evaluation Report for the Indochinese Refugee Movement Conference

An evaluation has been carried out of last November’s conference on the Indochinese Refugee Movement to Canada. The response was very positive for this event.

CIHS 2013 Gunn Prize winner published

CIHS 2013 Gunn Prize winner Dara Marcus had her article on the Hai Hong published in ‘Bout de papier’ magazine (Vol. 28-1, published May 2014 by the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers). We post the article with the permission of Ms Marcus and with the collaboration of PAFSO.

Carleton thanks the Fakirani Family for its donation to the Ugandan Asian Archives

Read the full article.

Seven Crested Cranes

Roger St. Vincent produced two versions of “Seven Crested Cranes”. The first is based on that originally published by the Canadian Immigration Historical Society twenty years ago and re-released for the fortieth  anniversary of the Ugandan movement in 2012. The second version, which is on the Carleton University Uganda Archive web site, was published by Roger in 2012. It is based on a more profusely illustrated version that appeared as Chapter 10 of his self-published autobiography “A Fortunate Life”. The texts of the two versions have minor variations.