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Canadian Immigration Summit 2015: Towards a National Immigration Action Plan

The Society is pleased to collaborate with the Conference Board of Canada to help promote their Ottawa spring conference, “Canadian Immigration Summit 2015: Towards a National Immigration Action Plan”. More information about this is at http://bit.ly/1AXZN0R.

April 30: A date to commemorate the Indochinese refugees to Canada

A Bill is now under study in the Senate’s Standing Committee on Human Rights to make April 30 a day of commemoration for the Indochinese refugee movement. CIHS President, Michael Molloy, met with the Senators and that hearing is now on-line. (Note: Videos best viewed with Internet Explorer). In speaking about the movement of the ‘boat people’ to Canada, Molloy said, This movement “…was an amazing achievement. It was made possible by outstanding leadership at all levels of government, by  hardworking public servants, and above all, by literally hundreds of thousands of ordinary Canadian who sponsored refugees through their churches and synagogues, their services clubs, unions, and ad hoc groups of friends and neighbours.”

2014 Gunn Prize

Gunn-2014-Geoffrey-CameronThe winner of the 2014 Gunn Prize is University of Toronto PhD student Geoffrey Cameron pictured here receiving his award from, on the left, Dr. Jenna Hennebry and Dr. Margaret Walton-Roberts, both with the International Migration Research Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University. The winning essay is on-line.

Bulletin 71 – October 2014

Bulletin 71 – October 2014

Society’s Annual General Meeting

The Society’s October AGM featured a presentation by Marie Chapman, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. Ms Chapman spoke about the forthcoming reopening of the Museum and about the partnership between the Museum and the Society. As well, Patti Harper, Head of Archives and Research Collections at Carleton University spoke about the Ugandan Archive to which the Society has made a significant contribution. An article describes the event in more detail.