Fortieth anniversary of the
Indochinese Refugee Movement to Canada

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In 1975, Canada’s largest reception and resettlement of refugees began. From then through to 1999, close to 130,000 Indochinese refugees, including some 60,000 in 1979-80 alone, came to Canada from Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos. We offer a range of information about that significant movement.


1) Running on Empty 2) Special Bulletin

“Running on Empty” – a soon-to-be released book recounting particularly the experiences of Canadian immigration personnel in contributing to the success of this singular refugee movement. Release date will be communicated through this site.

A special edition on what was entailed in helping these people find refuge in Canada.

3) Historical documents 4) Statistics

A collection of Canadian government materials about this chapter in refugee movements.

Data on the refugees – who they were, where they went.

5) Photo Albums 6) Links

Mainly photos by Canadian personnel involved in the movement.

Other sites with information pertinent to this movement.