What’s New

French text in Running on Empty

‘Runnng on Empty’, published bu McGill-Queen’s University Press, includes passages written in French by officers of the Quebec immigration department and then translated. We are pleased to present the first of these original versions written by Florent Fortin, a Quebec immigration department officer assigned to the Indochinese refuge camps.

‘Boat people’ stories

Canadians who came here under the ‘boat people’ movement are now telling their stories. CIHS is partnering with the Southeast Asian Canadian community organizations, Carleton University and others to capture the stories – many of which are now on-line, through the ‘Hearts of Freedom’ project. The project will ensure that the settlement experience of these people is preserved and becomes part of Canada’s historical narrative. CBC Radio in Ottawa interviewed one of the individuals who told his story to the project team.

Roger St. Vincent’s autobiography

The Department of History at Carleton University, Ottawa, has made Roger St. Vincent’s autobiography, “A Very Fortunate Life”, available on line.

The autobiography includes accounts of Roger’s wartime service with the RCAF, his time with the Canadian Government Immigration Mission, the entire text of  “Seven Crested Cranes” – his account of the Uganda Asian movement, and other elements of his career.