Canada’s and Canadians’ humanitarian tradition

CIHS President Michael Molloy , Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Associate Assistant Deputy Minister Dawn Edlund, Naomi Alboim and Doctor Nhung Tran-Davies recently discussed Canada’s and Canadians’ humanitarian tradition. The panel was organized by the Canada School of Public Service which has made this video link accessible. The panel discussed their respective experiences with major refugee movements – Alboim on the ‘boat people’ and recent Syrian movement as a co-founder of Lifeline Syria, and Molloy on the Asian Ugandan exodus and ‘boat people’.  Dr, Tran-Davies recounted her experience as a five year old ‘boat person’ coming to Canada and her later drive to become a refugee sponsor.

Introduction for final panel at the Canadian Museum of History


The Society is pleased to participate n a 3-day conference examining the development of Canadian refugee policies and programs since 1957 (the arrival of 38,000 Hungarian refugees), mainly those affecting the Ugandan Asian and Vietnamese refugee movements in the 1970s and the most recent arrival of Syrian refugees but also various other groups. Academics, policy makers, refugee sponsors, NGOs, students, refugee workers and refugees of various backgrounds will discuss central issues of our time: the global search of refugees for a safe home and the role of immigration in the Canadian nation-building process in the 20th and 21st centuries while reflecting on the recent rise of anti-immigration discourses. There will also be a rich and diverse cultural program

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