New national exhibition on Southeast Asian refugee movement to Canada

An exhibit recently opened at the Canadian Museum of History about this significant movement of refugees to Canada. The exhibit was mounted by the Hearts of Freedom project in which CIHS members Michael Molloy and Peter Dschinsky, have been deeply involved. Visit the Hearts of Freedom site for exhibit information and the dates the exhibit will be in Ottawa/Gatineau, British Columbia (various cities), Halifax and Winnipeg. The Hearts of Freedom documentary will be shown for the first time at t... Read more.

Expulsion of Ugandan-Asians – 1972

Between September 6 and November 8, 1972, Canada resettled over 6000 Ugandan Asians expelled from their country. To mark this fiftieth anniversary, CIHS presents: A commemorative edition of our Bulletin with contributions from Canadians directly involved in this immigration response; CTV journalist, Omar Sachedina, presented an hour-long documentary tracing his Mother’s first return to Uganda after the expulsion. With his permission we provide the story he wrote for the Globe and... Read more.


The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has displaced millions of Ukrainians. Many have found refuge in neighboring European countries.  Large numbers of Ukrainians will be seeking refuge in Canada.  This will not be the first time Canada has helped Ukrainians displaced by war.  The following links lead to three articles in the CIHS Bulletin (issues 96, 97, and 98), with the post-WW2 period when Canada resettled large numbers of Ukrainians and other East European displaced by wartime events and una... Read more.

Gunn Prize 2022

CIHS and Carleton University are pleased to announce a new partnership to award the Gunn Prize for excellence in a student essay on an historical matter in Canadian immigration policies and programs. Click here for more information.