The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has displaced millions of Ukrainians. Many have found refuge in neighboring European countries.  Large numbers of Ukrainians will be seeking refuge in Canada.  This will not be the first time Canada has helped Ukrainians displaced by war.  The following links lead to three articles in the CIHS Bulletin (issues 96, 97, and 98), with the post-WW2 period when Canada resettled large numbers of Ukrainians and other East European displaced by wartime events and una... Read more.

Gunn Prize 2022

CIHS and Carleton University are pleased to announce a new partnership to award the Gunn Prize for excellence in a student essay on an historical matter in Canadian immigration policies and programs. Click here for more information.

Presentation on British Home Children

On Wednesday, October 27 at 7pm, the Historical Society of Ottawa and Emma Kent will offer a Zoom presentation on the Home Children. Between 1869 and 1932, 100,000 children were sent from Britain and placed with Canadian families, often to serve as cheap farm or domestic labour. Ottawa's St. George's Home, in Hintonburg, was one of Canada's principal "distribution centres" for Roman Catholic children. Emma Kent shares excerpts from her own grandfather's memoirs to explore what kind of life thes... Read more.

Molloy Bursary

The CIHS Board proudly announces the establishment of the CIHS Molloy Bursary for undergraduate students in Canadian universities.  The goal of the Bursary is to provide financial support to students studying Canadian history, especially the history of immigration to this country.  Each year a $1,000 Bursary will be awarded to a deserving student studying in either official language.  We invite newcomers to Canada to apply. The award is named for our past-president, Michael J. Molloy.  Un... Read more.

The Settlement of Indochinese Refugees

The Settlement of Indochinese Refugees: A Preliminary Analysis based on Interviews with Officials of the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission This 1981 report by Meyer Burstein, led the late Kirk Bell, then Immigration Director General of Policy at Employment and Immigration Canada, to call Meyer in for a chat. This work was Meyer's introduction to immigration matters. Nevertheless, Bell offered Meyer a job as Director of Data Analysis and Forecasts.  Meyer had a staff of three inclu... Read more.