Kosovar evacuation to Canada

On April 27, 1999 the very first Kosovars of the 5000 Canada committed to shelter arrived, followed by the first major evacuation flight on May 4, 1999.
This movement – temporary at first, then offering permanent resettlement, is recounted by Dr. Jan Raska of the Canadian Museum of Immigration History at Pier 21. There is also a 2009 documentary about this movement that can be viewed here.

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Donation by CIHS

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The following Research at a Glance email was sent to IRCC employees this afternoon. We are forwarding it for information purposes to members of our external mailing list who are either authors of the titles below or were involved in donating them to our collection.

The following noteworthy titles on migration have been added to the Knowledge Management print collection through a generous donation from the Canadian Immigration Historical Society (CIHS). The donation was made in appreciation for the work done by IRCC’s Research And Evaluation Branch to preserve the documentary heritage of Canadian immigration issues, policies and processes.


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  • Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World (The)Hein de Haas, Stephen Castles & Mark J. Miller (2020)
  • Communal Solidarity: Immigration, Settlement, and Social Welfare in Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882-1930Arthur Ross (2019)
  • Crossing Bordersedited by Mimi Sheller & Kevin Hannam (2018)
  • Crossing Law’s Border: Canada’s Refugee Resettlement ProgramShauna Labman (2019)
  • Crossroads: Comparative Immigration Regimes in a World of Demographic ChangeAnna K. Boucher & Justin Gest (2018)
  • National project: Syrian refugee resettlement in Canada (A) edited by Leah K. Hamilton, Luisa Veronis& Margaret Walton-Roberts (2020)
  • Outward and Upward Mobilities: International Students in Canada, Their Families, and Structuring InstitutionsAnn H. Kim & Min-Jung Kwak (2019)
  • Policy Transformation in Canada: Is the Past Prologue?edited by Carolyn Hughes Tuohy, Sophie Borwein, Peter John Loewen & Andrew Potter (2019)
  • Refuge Beyond Reach: How Rich Democracies Repel Asylum Seekers David Scott FitzGerald (2019)
  • Refugees, Migration and Global Governance: Negotiating the Global CompactsElizabeth G. Ferris & Katharine M. Donato (2020)
  • Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Native-Newcomer relations in Canada J.R. Miller (2018)
  • Strangers to Neighbours: Refugee Sponsorship in Context edited by Shauna Labman& Geoffrey Cameron (2020)
  • The United States and Canada How Two Democracies Differ and Why it Mattersedited by Paul J. Quirk (2019)
  • Where are you from: Growing up African-Canadian in VancouverGillian Creese (2020)


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Beyond 2020: Renewing Canada’s Commitment to Immigration

The Metropolis eBook, ‘Beyond 2020: Renewing Canada’s Commitment to Immigration’ is now available for free download at:- Volume 1: https://www.ciim.ca/en/fiche-230-Metropolis_eBook___Beyond_2020_Renewing_Canadas_Commitment_to_Immigration
– Volume 2: https://www.ciim.ca/en/fiche-231-Metropolis_eBook___Beyond_2020_Renewing_Canadas_Commitment_to_Immigration
CIHS Past President. Michael Molloy, contributed to volume 2.

Genealogy and Ancestor Search

Thank you for your recent inquiry.  Unfortunately, the Canadian Immigration Historical Society’s holdings do not include information about named individuals. In addition, the Society does not have the resources to assist in genealogical or ancestor research. The following information may be helpful.

The genealogy section of the web site of Library and Archives Canada is an excellent place to start in searching for information about ancestors. The “Ancestors Search” button provides links to the following databases:

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Many of the above databases are indexed and can be searched by name. The Research Tab of the Society’s Web Site has a more complete description of each database. The LAC Web site also provides links to other sources that may be helpful.

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