Preserving our immigration history.

Expulsion of Ugandan-Asians – 1972

Between September 6 and November 8, 1972, Canada resettled over 6000 Ugandan Asians expelled
from their country. To mark this fiftieth anniversary, CIHS presents:

  • A commemorative edition of our Bulletin with contributions from Canadians directly involved in this immigration response;
  • CTV journalist, Omar Sachedina, presented an hour-long documentary tracing his Mother’s first return to Uganda after the expulsion. With his permission we provide the story he wrote for the Globe and Mail. Michael Molloy is interviewed in both.
  • In this eighty-minute video, leading Ismailis discuss the expulsion from Uganda and offer new perspectives in looking back over fifty years.
  • a link to a book by the officer-in-charge of the special immigration office set up in Kampala. Roger St. Vincent’s book, ‘Seven Crested Cranes’ is online;
  • an essay by Michael Molloy on the evolution of Canadian immigration policy tied to the response to the expulsion;
  • a chronology on the operation as well as the daily processing statistics toward the 6000+ visas issued; and
  • a story about just one of the many situations that arose in the urgent resettlement of these Ugandan-Asians.

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