Preserving our immigration history.

Genealogy and Ancestor Search

Thank you for your recent inquiry.  Unfortunately, the Canadian Immigration Historical Society’s holdings do not include information about named individuals. In addition, the Society does not have the resources to assist in genealogical or ancestor research. The following information may be helpful.

The genealogy section of the web site of Library and Archives Canada is an excellent place to start in searching for information about ancestors. The “Ancestors Search” button provides links to the following databases:

  • Births, marriages and divorces
  • Census enumerations
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Land grants
  • Military service
  • People
  • Other searches

Statistics Canada also has a site that could be useful in your genealogical research.

Many of the above databases are indexed and can be searched by name. The Research Tab of the Society’s Web Site has a more complete description of each database. The LAC Web site also provides links to other sources that may be helpful.

We hope this information is helpful and wish you all the best in your ancestor search.

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