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Beyond 2020: Renewing Canada’s Commitment to Immigration

The Metropolis eBook, 'Beyond 2020: Renewing Canada's Commitment to Immigration' is now available for free download at:- Volume 1: https://www.ciim.ca/en/fiche-230-Metropolis_eBook___Beyond_2020_Renewing_Canadas_Commitment_to_Immigration- Volume 2: https://www.ciim.ca/en/fiche-231-Metropolis_eBook___Beyond_2020_Renewing_Canadas_Commitment_to_ImmigrationCIHS Past President. Michael Molloy, contributed to volume 2. ... Read more.

Genealogy and Ancestor Search

Thank you for your recent inquiry.  Unfortunately, the Canadian Immigration Historical Society’s holdings do not include information about named individuals. In addition, the Society does not have the resources to assist in genealogical or ancestor research. The following information may be helpful. The genealogy section of the web site of Library and Archives Canada is an excellent place to start in searching for information about ancestors. The “Ancestors Search” button provides links ... Read more.


Runnng on Empty’, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, includes texts written in French by officers of the Quebec immigration department and then translated. We are pleased to present these two original versions written by Florent Fortin and by Lucile Horner, both Quebec immigration department officers assigned to the Indochinese refuge camps.... Read more.