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The Indochinese ‘Notification of Arrival Telex’ and ‘Destination Matching Request’

‘Going under’ - that was what the Indo China refugee task group found themselves facing in Ottawa. There was a ‘collision’ between the resource demands of overseas processing and maintaining the air bridge to Canada and the operational needs of matching private settlement offers in Canada. Canadian private settlement organizations were vocal about the disconnect between their offers to settle and support the refugees, followed by a long silence from immigration authorities, culminating... Read more.

Forms used by Indochinese refugees

Indochinese refugees families applying to come to Canada completed an IMM8 application form, usually right after they had been interviewed and accepted by a visa officer. Unique to the Indochinese movement, departmental officials also developed and utilized the IMM1314 form to simplify and expedite processing.Completed by hand at interview, the  IMM1314 captured the composition of each complete family,the interviewing officer's notes and eventually the medical and security results. Once oversea... Read more.