Preserving our immigration history.

Perspectives on the Ugandan Asian movement to Canada in 1972

Marking the 50th anniversary of the 1972 arrival in Canada of Ugandan Asian refugees, Jody Bucholtz, head of the Renfrew-Lanark County Local Immigration Partnership, organized a podcast with Ms Noreen Nasim and Ms Bharti Dhir, whose families had been resettled in Britain, and Mike Molloy, who played a key role in the processing of the refugees resettled in Canada. Molloy’s account of his time in Kampala will be familiar but the remarkable stories of Nasim and Dhir provide perspectives unfamiliar to Canadians. During the Q&A session, a man called in from Uganda to describe the plight of people of mixed Asian-African descent who had been abandoned by their Asian fathers. The podcast is on YouTube.

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