Preserving our immigration history.


Currently, the following memoirs exist only in paper form [and can be borrowed by contacting the CIHS at]:

  • A Man of Big Heart: The Memoirs of the late Maurice Mitchell provide an account of his immigration and refugee experience from 1925 (as the son of an Immigration Visa Officer) until his retirement as a senior Foreign Service Officer in 1976.
  • Recollections of an Immigration Officer: The Memoirs of Fenton Crossman provide a retrospective look at Immigration from 1930 to 1968. They include selected entries from the author’s personal diary, starting with his first assignment in Immigration as a male stenographer and ending with his retirement as the Regional Director of Immigration for the Atlantic provinces.
  • Seven Crested Cranes – Asian Exodus from Uganda: A detailed, lively account by Roger Saint Vincent of his experiences as leader of the Canadian Immigration Mission sent to Kampala in 1972 to select Asians being expelled from Uganda by President Idi Amin. Roger St. Vincent produced two versions of “Seven Crested Cranes”. The first is based on that originally published by the Canadian Immigration Historical Society twenty years ago and re-released for the fortieth anniversary of the Ugandan movement in 2012.