Preserving our immigration history.

Past Research

The Society regularly receives requests for information related to past immigration and refugee situations, incidents, practices, policies and program delivery. We welcome the opportunity to see whether there are Members who have the background and experience to answer those requests. Members have had a wide range of immigration experiences, ranging from policy development and advice to program delivery, both in Canada and abroad. They have been directly involved in every aspect of bringing immigrants and refugees to Canada.

The opportunity to bring researchers and Members together to achieve a better understanding of the topic being examined is an objective of the Society. If you’d like to request information, please contact us.

Over the past few years, Members of the Society have assisted academic researchers working on the following topics:

  • The emigration of Palestinian refugees from the 1950s;
  • Immigration  from South Africa;
  • Chinese immigration to Canada (1948-67);
  • The  exercise of discretion in the selection of immigrants;
  • Istrian refugees;
  • Customs operations at Pier 21.

The Society welcomes material from its Members that could be archived for future research projects.