Preserving our immigration history.


The Society plans to make available several of its archival resources on this site; memoirs, oral histories, essays, and the like.

CIHS Bulletin

CIHS produces a Bulletin two to three times per year. It covers Society developments and has articles on immigration and refugee matters (i.e. issues, policies, historical perspectives, and personal experiences). Articles are printed in the language used by the author.


Immigration history is not just about policy and operations; it is also about the people who made it happen. The decisions they made, how they made them and why they made them can shed considerable light on the evolution of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Programs. The memoirs of former Immigration personnel are often the windows into that history.


The Society (CIHS) welcomes researched, balanced essays on immigration and refugee issues from members and the public at large and in either English or French. The Society reserves the right to decide which essays it will publish. Those considering such a submission can contact us.

Oral Histories

The Society (CIHS) records oral histories with individuals who played a role in building Canada’s immigration and refugee programs. These will be integrated into this website. Meanwhile, the following oral histories can be made available to interested parties who make a request in writing to the Society.

  • A tribute to a former Immigration Officer: Viggi Ring
  • Interview with Bill Burton
  • Interview with Al Gunn
  • Interview with Jack Manion
  • Interview with Al Troy
  • Interview with Edna Whinney


The Society (CIHS) receives selected historical items donated by members or others prepared to have them shared publicly. These may include diaries, personal papers, photographs, documents, and any other memorabilia related to immigration and refugee matters that inform about the history of those programs.

However, given limited storage space, CIHS will decide which items it will accept. Normally, these will be things that we know we can arrange to have stored or publicly displayed by organizations equipped to perform such tasks.

For example, CIHS has transferred to the Pier 21 Society in Halifax a range of donated items, which will be included in the latter’s Resource Centre.

We are happy to discuss the possibility of accepting memorabilia and anyone with such items is invited to contact us.