40th Anniversary Lecture: Ugandan Asian Refugee Movement 1972

Canadian Immigration Historical Society President Mike Molloy lectured on the 1972 Ugandan Asian refugee movement at Ontario universities in Ontario in October, 2012 (Ottawa, Carleton, Windsor, Western, Laurier, McMaster, York, Ryerson and Toronto). The 1972 Uganda Asian Refugee movement was the first test of Canada’s “Universal” immigration policy as applied to refugees. The talk examined the reasons behind General Idi Amin’s decision to expel Uganda’s small but dynamic Asian commu... Read more.

Uganda Refugee Movement 40th Anniversary

Forty years ago this August the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin announced the expulsion of most of Uganda’s Asian population. Canada responded by sending a team to Kampala under the leadership of Roger St. Vincent and setting up a special reception facility at Canadian Forces Longue Pointe. Between 6 September and 6 November 1972 the Kampala team selected and transported over 6000 people to Canada. CIHS is working with Carleton University, Ottawa to preserve and make publicly available an importa... Read more.