Comprehensive Plan of Action for Indochinese Refugees

This article, by W.C. Robinson, explores the ‘Comprehensive Plan of Action for Indochinese Refugees, 1989-1997’. It (CPA) has been hailed as a model of international solidarity and burden-sharing, and criticized as an example of international buck-passing and questionable compromises. In the early years of the Indochinese movement there was an understanding that the reign of vindictive oppression that followed the communist take-over of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos justified offering reset... Read more.

Bulletin 73-A – April 2015

Bulletin 73-A – April 2015 To mark the fortieth anniversary of the Indochinese refugee movement to Canada, the Society has released a special Bulletin and launched a dedicated website. We invite you to check them both out. ... Read more.