Preserving our immigration history.


The Canadian Immigration Historical Society (CIHS) was formed in 1986, when seventeen people met and agreed upon the need for a non-partisan organization gathering historians, political scientists, sociologists, academics, government officials and private individuals to develop and promote interest in Canadian immigration and refugee matters and history.

The Society is a non-profit corporation registered as a charitable organization under the Income Tax Act of Canada.


Our Society (CIHS) seeks to bring together individuals with an interest in immigration and refugee matters. We foster camaraderie, friendship and collegiality in pursuing the following objectives:

  • To support, encourage and promote research into the history of Canadian immigration and refugee questions;
  • To foster the collection and dissemination of that history;
  • To stimulate interest in and further the appreciation and understanding of the influence of immigration on Canada’s development and position in the world; and
  • To encourage people with immigration (and refugee) expertise to record their experiences for posterity.

The CIHS welcomes members of both Official Language communities in Canada and is committed over time, to use its limited resources to translate the main pages of its site. Contributions in either Official Language are more than welcome and, as appropriate, will be posted in the language the contributor has used.