The Indochinese refugee movement


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In 1975, Canada’s largest reception and resettlement of refugees began. From then through to 1999, close to 130,000 Indochinese refugees, including some 60,000 in 1979-80 alone, came to Canada from Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos. We offer a range of information about that significant movement.

  • CIHS & York University Centre for Refugee Studies partnership

    The Society and the Refugee Studies Centre are collaborating on initiatives to mark the fortieth anniversary.

  • Presentation of the UNCR Nansen Medal to the ‘people of Canada’

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees presented ‘the people of Canada’ with the Nansen Medal in recognition of the country’s efforts on behalf of refugees – the first time an entire nation was so recognized.

  • Rene Pappone’s book:

    “The Hai Hong: Profit, Tears and Joy” (2015) by author Rene Pappone is about a refugee ship that drew world attention to a growing refugee crisis in Southeast Asia, setting Canada on the road to the largest refugee resettlement operation in its history. The book is available by mail order from the CIHS for $20 per copy mailed to a Canadian address.

  • Senator Ngo’s bill (or Act)

    The Journey to Freedom Day Act is the work of Senator Ngo. The bill’s progress can be monitored online.

  • Media Coverage

    Some newspaper articles and radio items focussing on the anniversary.

  • On this site, stories from Vietnamese refugees who came to Canada and others involved in the movement are gathered and shared.